Friday, June 08, 2007


Sometimes girls make you act like you never thought you'd act before...

All I ask is that you read through this entire poem before passing judgment, I started to write it when I was angry and then finished when I was depressed. The beginning may contain a few lines that only express my anger at the time, but most of this holds true about the girl I love now and forever more.

I still love her...


I've been tried and I've been lied
I've been caught and I've been forgot
but girl i still want to much do you love me?

ooo i thought we could never be apart
ooo i thought I'd always have your heart
ahh i wanted to hold you forever
ahh i wanted to be without you never

ooo i trusted you till the end
ooo you could've been my best friend
ahh you broke my trust and lied
ahh i can never believe you if i tried

i've been tried and I've been lied
i've been caught and I've been forgot
but girl i still want to you still love me so?

ooo i could forget everything for you
ooo girl, for you i would make it all come true
ahh why did i have to be so blind
ahh in my arms, it's you i want to find

ooo if i could have one more chance
ooo to hold you in with my hands
ahh i would give the world for you
ahh girl, for you i would make it all come true

i tried but at least i didn't lie
i caught but at least i wasn't forgot
but girl i still want to i still have a chance?

ooo i realize all my mistakes
ahh i feel the pain you take
ohh if i could turn back time
ahh you would be mine

i would have never hurt you
maybe all i wanted was you
to love me a little more
to tell me it was for sure
whatever way i put it
it wasn't you it was me
I'm just too blind to see
your inner beauty
how you light up the room
and everything would be perfect
if only you could be there forever
but i took it for granted
i should have never started
for i knew one day
you would only walk away
now i stand here alone thinking
if i could only have one more chance...

how things would be different...

I would tell you every day I love you
and I would mean it like I mean it now

I would compliment something new
every time I lied eyes on you

I would never act like a fool or play around
but instead listen to you and your charming sound

I would rather walk with you and talk with you
instead of kiss with you and lay with you

I would wait for weeks just to see you
and wait for hours just to hug you

It would all be worth it for you
if I could I would give up the world for you
i would turn back time for you
i would change myself for you
I would do anything you asked me too

because...if there's one thing i can't live without... it's you

but I'll never have another chance
I'll never take another glance
I'll never be able to make it better
I'll never correct my mistakes
I'll never show you how much I care
I'll never be able to...but if I could then I would

I would give you all you deserved
I would be the boyfriend you needed
I would make you happy as can be
I would understand your feelings for me

but I will never be able to...but if I could I would

you said it was the last time
you said never again
you said not another chance
you said...

but it doesn't matter to me, I still love you anyway

So tell me, do I speak for all guys in this poem? Or am I that much different?

Thursday, May 31, 2007


It was the 163rd night of my Sophomore year in High School, after sitting through seven classes, completing a project during lunch, lifting weights, going to work, attending leadership training at a program called Civil Air Patrol, along with only a 'few' other activities, when I finally asked myself the question on everyone's mind "Why?" Why do I do this? Why do stay up late doing homework when everyone else is asleep because I had to work all night? Why do I spend my weekends training other perspective leaders in CAP, going to work, and studying for exams when everyone else is partying? Why do I work when everyone else is having fun? Well the one thing that separates me from everyone else pondering that question is that I came up with an answer with which I am satisfied:
"The ultimate happiness can only be found in achieving greatness."

That is my philosophy in a nutshell, or rather, quotes. :) However, I have a much more detailed explanation which I invite you to read.

First, let me send a message to everyone that is partying while they should be working, to everyone that is watching television when they should be studying, to everyone that is having fun while they procrastinate the inevitable work that lies before every growing young man and women. What will happen tomorrow? Did you ever think about it? Will you be happy tomorrow? Will your party, or your television show, or your fun be with you tomorrow? Probably NOT. Ever wonder why you should work when you could be having fun? This is probably the point in time when you decided to go to the party instead of staying home and studying or adding extra hours to your work schedule.

This message is for anyone who thinks I make maybe just a little bit of sense at this point: I go to sleep at night happy because I know I did the best I could for the day and I wake up in the morning happy because I know that I am ready to do my best again today. Now, nobody is perfect and I certainly do not claim to be happy every night or morning, but wouldn't this be a great philosophy to live by?

There is just something about the feeling of accomplishment that makes you smile. This smile can last an eternity if you truly do your best work at all times. If you truly do your best, you will be happy. There will be a time to have fun and you will know when it is, but when that times has passed will you still be happy because you know that you deserve that time. Even the lord himself waited until after six hard days of creating the heaven and the earth before he rested. The bible tells us this and if you do not believe in the lord, at least understand that the bible is one of the greatest leadership manuals ever written. But to get back on subject...

Many people go through trials of happiness and trails of depression, some more than others. Think about how often you are happy (and when) and how often you are depressed (and when) and how often you work hard (and when) and how often you skip the work to have fun (and when). Do they relate? After thinking about this, wouldn't it make sense to do more of that which makes you happy? Parties last one night, work lasts one eternity. What do you remember about all the parties you went to? What do you remember about all the work you've done? Which makes you most proud? Which puts the biggest smile on your face knowing that you made life a little easier for yourself the next day?

I know, for myself, looking back on all the work I have done and all the work I will do, I am proud. This puts the biggest smile on my face and makes me happy at any moments in time because I know that the work I have done will always be remembered and it will help me in the future to become successful. But, not until I achieve greatness, will I be the happiest man on earth.

Think about this, and if you read any of my future posts, think about everything I say. It may seem like random bits of ideas floating around in my head, which it is, but once you piece it all together, it may help. Remember, I am not here to tell you how to live your life, only to tell you how you have already lived it; therefore, think not of what you will do in the future, think of how this relates to what you have done in the past and use that knowledge to help you when you come to a similar decision again.


Quotes do not tell us how to live our lives, they reminds of ways to live our life that we have forgotten. You cannot live life based on a quote someone or something has given you, you can only live life based on your experiences. Quotes remind us of the experiences that the quote relates to and they remind us how important that experience is to the way we now live life. This helps us live life to the fullest and it is for this reason that I present you with a few short philosophies and I have cited in the form of quotes:

"What may at first seem like pure luck is actually someone somewhere doing what it takes to be victorious."

"All my life I have watched people do things, but now I am one of those people doing those things."

"The more you win the less you want to lose, the harder you play the harder you fall."

"The greatest people that ever lived found the best qualities within themselves and used those qualities at the right times."

"You can't measure your feelings with another's person's words"

"You can't sum up the size of your heart with another person's measurement"

"After life i will exist for an i might as well make the best use of the time i have on earth now."

"The ultimate happiness is only found in achieving greatness."

Monday, May 14, 2007

New blog theme

Hey to all of you out there who read this, I have not idea why you do, but hopefully now you will have a reason. Until recently I have not been updating this blog, but I just had an epiphany. A word which here means a big, or great idea. You may hear me use this word often on this blog because that is the thing to which I am now dedicating this site. My big ideas, epiphanies, or my philosophy, whichever you call it, you can find it here. One of my career interests is a philosopher, which is what inspired me to create this blog format, and what better way to discover how far my interest in philosophy reaches, then to experiment on the web? So now you have a reason to read this thing.