Thursday, May 31, 2007


Quotes do not tell us how to live our lives, they reminds of ways to live our life that we have forgotten. You cannot live life based on a quote someone or something has given you, you can only live life based on your experiences. Quotes remind us of the experiences that the quote relates to and they remind us how important that experience is to the way we now live life. This helps us live life to the fullest and it is for this reason that I present you with a few short philosophies and I have cited in the form of quotes:

"What may at first seem like pure luck is actually someone somewhere doing what it takes to be victorious."

"All my life I have watched people do things, but now I am one of those people doing those things."

"The more you win the less you want to lose, the harder you play the harder you fall."

"The greatest people that ever lived found the best qualities within themselves and used those qualities at the right times."

"You can't measure your feelings with another's person's words"

"You can't sum up the size of your heart with another person's measurement"

"After life i will exist for an i might as well make the best use of the time i have on earth now."

"The ultimate happiness is only found in achieving greatness."